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Speech by the Ambassador of Tajikistan H.E. Mr. Sherali S. Jononov on the occasion of book launching ceremony

Excellencies, Ladies and gentlemen,Dear friends,
It is my great honour and a great pleasure to welcome you all to this wonderful Serena Hotel to present a book Tajikistan’s Foreign Minister, H.E. Dr. Hamrokhon Zarifi -“The Tajik Golden Heritage”.
The main idea of editing and publishing this book was to provide more comprehensive information about elements and diversity of arts and crafts of the Tajik nation.
Previous editions of this book already published in Tajik, Russian, Persian, Arabic, German, French and Chinese languages offered to readers an opportunity to open up different part of Tajik art.
Today we have one of the resent editions which is in English, Persian and Arabic. It gives unique opportunity for readers in Pakistan be familiarized with the content of the book and find a key to understanding the ancient and enduring native culture and art of the Tajiks.
The book contains impressive photographs and clear descriptions reflecting to unfamiliar reader a rich culture of an ingenious and extremely talented people that leaved a clear mark on history.

Central Asia in the past was a closed region to people Pakistan. However, there has been a faint, memory in the mind of the people who are stirred by Allama Iqbal’s nostalgic poetic verse about the cultural and scientist cities in Central Asia. It should be noted that trade and commerce continued for centuries between Peshawar, Lahore and other cities of Pakistan.
The heartland of Central Asia is Mawar-ur-nahr (which means –“that is beyond the river – Amu Darya and Sir Darya) was the home of the ancient Civilization og Sogdiana, based on the capitals of Afrasiyab and Panjakent. During the Samanid rulers the Persian and the culture based on that language paved the way in Pakistan. Lahore came into prominence for the first time and Persian lyric was here sung henceforward.
From Central Asia came many scholars, poets, painters, artists and architects. All the rulers from this region maintained trade and cultural relations with the neighbouring states. One of the main reasons of this cultural exchange was largely promoted because of Persian being the common cultural language. This was the bridge which Central Asian and Iranian Culture passed on to the people of this part as here also Persian was the main language of the elite. It is Persian language and literature that maintained the continuity from the earlier period Muslim history and close connection with the people of Central Asia.
The publication of this book in English, Persian and Arabic allows Pakistani friends to touch the treasure – house of Tajik cultural and art. Presenting of book today is an invaluable contribution to the dialog of cultures of the two friendly countries Tajikistan and Pakistan.
We are convinced that dear readers in Pakistan while leafing through this book will retain best impressions about great Tajik arts, crafts, cultural and history.

Presentation of book “The Tajik Golden Heritage” is a perfect gift dedicated to this important event in the history of the relations between Tajikistan and Pakistan.
During his visit the professor Ahmad Hasan Dani stated after his visit to Tajikistan, that no doubt common between Pakistan and Tajikistan. We consider Pakistan among our important and reliable partners and we are interested in further development of constructive partnership with it in different socio-political and economic spheres.
Today we also have our distinguished guests, who had opportunity to familiarize with the book “The Tajik Golden Heritage” and we are going to invite them to share with us their feedbacks and thoughts.
Thank you.

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