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Private sector is playing pivotal role to reviving sports in the country

Private sector is playing pivotal role to reviving sports in the country

By Nasir Mahmood Kharl

The M.P. Bhandara Polo Cup Tournament 2012 ended at Race Course Polo Ground in Rawalpindi. Ambassador of the United States H.E. Cameron P. Munter was the chief guest at the Final. A large number of polo fans including Dr. Marilyn Wyatt wife of the US Ambassador in Pakistan, Ambassador of the Czech Republic H.E. Miroslav Krenek, Ambassador of the Sweden H.E. Lars-Hjalmar Wide, Ambassador of the Hungary H.E. Istvan Darvasi, Ambassador of the Argentina H.E. Rodolfo J. Martin-Saravia, Army Officials and diplomats with their families come to watch the match. Since 1904, Murree Brewery Company is successfully organizing the Polo tournament, which is the oldest Polo event in the Pakistan.

Security 2000 defeated Master Tiles to clinch the Murree Brewery Polo Cup title in a sensational final. The first half of the match remained in the grips of (Master Tiles) team who scored two blistering goals leaving the opponents (Security 2000’s team) with just one goal. The Security 2000’s team was expected to bounce back; they did make several attempts to set right and sealed three and half goals.

Raja Taimur Nadeem from Security 2000 led his team magnificently. He showed great skills and his horse ran at the speed of light throughout the game. Both the teams well played as the losing team was beaten with a little margin. This was the second successful event in the city after the T-20 Cricket Tournament.

Chief guest His Excellency Cameron Munter gave away the 108th Murree Brewery Polo Trophy to Security 2000 team and prizes to the winning and runner up teams. Raja Taimur Nadeem was declared the man of the match. A large number of game lovers witnessed the evenly poised final match; one of the diplomat said that it was his first family visit to Race Course Polo Ground and he was amazed by the hospitality and love extended by the Murree Brewery Company. While commenting on the MBC’s role in promoting games one of the spectators Mahmood Satti said ‘endorsing the polo game in the current economic situation is a step towards encouraging the sports activities in the country’.

After the match all the guests were escorted to Bhandara House, where a grand and impressive reception was hosted in honour of all the guests by Mr. Isfanyar Bhandara. All the arrangements were made in the lawn because the weather was so fantastic due to the rain in Muree. All the guests enjoyed the Bar BQ dinner at the party. Cordiality, warmness, hospitality and informal attitude of Mr. Isfanyar Bhandara made the evening memorable.

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