Excellency, President Gurbanguli Berdimuhammedov

Heads of State,

Distinguished Delegates,


Ladies and Gentlemen


I am happy to be a part of Nowruz Celebrations with my brothers and sisters in Ashgabat.

Nowruz marks the dawn of a New Day.

It is a major civil celebration of the year.

Nowruz brings together families in celebrations and festivities.

The United Nations has declared March 21st as “International Day of Nowruz”.

UNESCO has designated Nowruz as the “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”

This brings universal recognition to the spirit of peace and love of Nowruz.

I extend our heartiest greetings on the special occasion of Nowruz to all of you.

I also extend greetings to the people of Turkmenistan and to all peace loving people throughout the world celebrating Nowruz.

This happy occasion represents peace, tolerance and friendship for all.

In particular, I congratulate President Berdimuhammedov for making such excellent arrangements for the festival.

I also thank him and the people of Turkmenistan for the warmth and hospitality extended to me and my delegation.

The presence of all of us here today signifies the underlying strength of our common cultural and religious values and traditions.

Our common traditions are deep-rooted in history.

Nowruz is a symbol of this common heritage.

The combined strength of common bonds can produce miracles.

It can lead to closer cooperation for common economic development.

We particularly need closer cooperation in trade, communication, transportation, energy and infrastructure.

Pakistan and Central Asian States have historical and cultural links.

We have cordial relations with all the countries of the region.

Pakistan and Central Asian states are members of ECO.

A main objective of the ECO is building infrastructure and connectivity projects in the region.

The region has great geo-strategic and geo-political importance.

This importance will increase in the coming years.

Connectivity through rail, road and air links are important not only within the region but also beyond.

Pakistan is ready to play its role.

We are willing to facilitate transportation of LNG from Central Asia to South East Asia and other world markets.

The latest and modern seaport of Pakistan at Gawadar is the shortest route for Central Asian States to the Arabian Sea.

It also offers excellent port facilities for export of LNG and other products.

We are also ready to provide safe transit of piped gas to other neighboring countries.

We are keen to implement the projects of energy connectivity like TAPI and IP gas pipelines.

A few days ago we inaugurated the Iran- Pakistan gas pipe line project.

We also need to strengthen security and counter terrorism cooperation in the region.
Pakistan firmly believes that peace and stability is most important for economic progress and development.

We are keen to promote friendly relations with all especially our neighbors and other regional countries.

We are ready to work together with them for peace, progress and prosperity in the region.

Once again, I express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for President Berdimuhammedov for hosting this wonderful event.

The people of Pakistan join me in wishing a very happy Nowruz to the people of Turkmenistan.

We wish a very happy Nowruz to people of all other countries where Nowruz is celebrated.

I wish peace, happiness and prosperity to the world community especially to the warm and friendly people of Turkmenistan.

Thank you.



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